Have You Dreamed of Becoming a Yoga Teacher But Never Had the Time?

Here’s Your Chance to:

*Enrich your life

*Dive Deeper into your practice

*Learn and train to teach others

*Deepen your knowledge of yoga

Who should jump right in and start?

*A yoga practitioner who is ready to expand their practice

 * Someone new to yoga and wanting to jump in and learn.

*A yogi wanting to dive deeper into their practice and learn more about yoga.

*A group fitness instructor wanting to broaden your skill-set.

*Someone looking to go beyond the mat.


Become a Certified Yoga Teacher ONLINE with the Joy Yoga University in our 200 hour yoga certification Today!

Our Price:  $1495 when you sign up today!

Modular – each module ranges from $399 to $599 and offers the flexibility of taking courses YOU want or making it affordable on your terms.

Full Teacher Training – YOU get all 5 modules, your very own teacher training manual, access to instructors that can help you understand more, access to great yoga videos, and a program with all of the flexibility you need.


How do YOU like your teacher training?

Sign up today!

For only $1495 you get world-class instruction to start your yoga teacher journey.  Invest in yourself, deepen your yoga practice and share your joy of yoga with others!

Subjects covered in this course:

Anatomy – structure, bones, spine/pelvis, joints, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, cardio lymphatic, endocrine system, inflammation.  Also includes Eastern medicine and working with injuries.

Philosophy, history and themes – with introduction to Eastern philosophy.

Asana – foundations, pose workshops, warm ups, standing and balancing, twists, back bends, arm balances and inversions, restorative poses, forward folds and hip openers.

Meditation and Pranayama – body scan, moving meditation, Mantra, Sama Vritti, Kappala Bhati, Bastrika, Nadi Shodana.

Teaching Yoga – cueing poses, sequencing, assisting.

Other Great Features

*75 video lessons

 *200 Hours of Training

*Access to the World’s Best Yoga Instructors

*The Complete Joy Yoga University Manual/ Syllabus

*200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT) upon completion of training

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